Atoll Energy’s innovations help you maximise heat recovery and provide you with maximum energy efficiency
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Improved heat recovery
We engineer specific architectures that work according to a cascade principle. First of all, the heat wasted in the plant is recovered and used in absorption chillers to deliver cooling or refrigeration. Then Atoll Energy cools the absorption chillers by producing hot water.
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Thanks to this system, all the heat wasted on the motor is redistributed to the most energy demanding process, cooling, significantly improving performances.
Tailored storages to maximise efficiency
To meet the different needs and reduce peak demand, we make use of energy storages. Our storages are designed to reflect your energy needs as closely as possible. The system design is based on our energy audit which tracks your consumption patterns on site. For new projects, we use our predictive models.
Our solutions also include upstream storage in order to maximise the performances of thermally-activated machines ; thus temperature never drops and the heat is never wasted.
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