Since 2010, Atoll Energy has been constantly enhancing its technological expertise in order to develop more reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly combined heat and power (CHP) solutions.

Nothing goes to waste; it all turns!

Drawing inspiration from oil platforms, Atoll Energy solutions turn waste-heat into energy-savings thanks to customised designs, which are adjusted to customers’ energy usages.
With Atoll Energy’s smart setup you can manage your electric and thermal energy supply to ensure the greatest energy savings starting from 30%!

The key to our success  
Transfer of expertise: our extensive experience in thermal management and security of oil platform generator sets is used to maximise energy efficiency.
A pluridisciplinary team experienced in installing and commissioning mechanical, electrical and thermal integrated energy systems, as well as instrumentation and industrial IT.
Knowledge of energy consumption profiles:  Energy breakdown and consumption trends are at the basis of our design. This helps us optimise thermal recovery solutions and put smart regulation strategies into motion.
Operation of thermo-activated machines: Atoll Energy partners with many specialised design offices and the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission, in order to characterise thermo-activated machines with a prime focus on optimal performance range.   
Dynamic design software: Atoll Energy has developed digital libraries and dynamic simulation models which have been validated on the QuadriTherm test bed. Thanks to this tool we can build on our knowledge and optimise our solutions.

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