Waste heat can be recycled to warm up water or air, delivering different utilities in many sectors. Thermo-activated machines are used for that purpose.

Commercial, residential businesses

Heating, domestic water: heat exchangers, heat pumps
Air-conditioning, dehumidifying: simple and double effect absorption chillers, adsorption chillers
Sea water desalination: evapo-condensation, multi-effect distillation, humidification-dehumidification


Oil-service industry, chemistry, pharmacy: evaporation, distillation: boilers, evapo-condensation
Agrifood: drying, washing, pasteurizing: heat exchangers, steam generator
Industrial refrigeration: simple and double effect absorption chillers, adsorption chillers
Textile: laundry, bleaching, dyeing: boilers, steam plant, steam fixator

Heat recovery systems and thermo-activated technologies are mature technologies and their reliability has been proven over the years. For instance, absorption cooling ensures 50 % of air-conditioning in Asia.

Atoll Energy engineers smart regulation systems which allow to properly supply these machines, enabling the machines to perform at their best and ensuring to meet the needs in the most efficient way.


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Cooling from waste heat

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Thermal desalination



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